Beginning Ukulele

with Greg Horne
Beginning Ukulele

Pick up the ukulele at your own pace. Follow Grammy-winning artist Daniel Ho as he shows you how to change chords, read standard music notation, and approach music theory concepts like the major scale, intervals, and harmony. Explore the surprising range of this fun little instrument by practicing movable chords and left-hand mute strokes for reggae and soul, trying out the blues shuffle rhythm, and strumming Hawaiian tunes. To help you practice what you learn, he shows you how to play a fiddle tune, "Solider's Joy," and the beloved island standby, "Aloha 'Oe." He wraps up with a performance of his own; watch as he performs "Bicycle Holiday" and "Living in Paradise."
Topics include:
  • Reading tablature
  • Changing chords
  • Navigating a musical map
  • Strum patterns
  • Adding percussion with mute strokes
  • Using movable chords
  • Transposing the blues and the minor pentatonic scale
  • Fingerpicking


  • Introduction
    • Welcome
  • 1. Getting Started
    • Know your uke
      3m 13s
    • Reading tablature
    • The not on the fretboard
      2m 16s
  • 2. Strum, Strum, Strum
    • Your first chords
      1m 39s
    • Changing chords
      5m 25s
    • Play some real songs
      1m 33s
    • Spice up your strumming
      1m 42s
    • More chords more chords
      6m 12s
    • Minor chords
      4m 5s
    • Waltz time, 3/4
      2m 36s
    • Right-hand tools and techniques
      2m 34s
  • 3. Reading Standard Music Notation
    • Rests
    • Dotted half notes
    • Natural notes on the 1st string
    • The C major scale
    • Eighth notes, of course
    • Dotted quarter notes
      1m 47s
    • Sharps and flats
    • Accidentals in a key signature
    • Ties
      1m 30s
    • Navigating a musical map
  • 4. Theory without Fear
    • The major scale is your measuring stick
      1m 48s
    • Intervals are your building blocks
    • Harmony and chords
  • 5. Old-Time Ukulele and Backing Up Fiddle Tunes
    • Strum patterns and a tune in G
      1m 11s
    • Accenting the backbeat, the E and E7 chords, and "Sally Ann" in A
      2m 29s
    • Fiddle tune form and "Soldier′s Joy" in D
      1m 2s
  • 6. Old School: The Swingin′ Ukulele
    • How to swing
      2m 36s
    • Sixes and sevens and chords
      4m 26s
    • The circle of 5ths progression
      2m 25s
    • The triple strum
      3m 41s
    • The triple burst strum
      2m 28s
  • 7. Rocking Out the Uke
    • The syncopated strum
      2m 12s
    • Adding percussion with mute strokes
      2m 1s
    • Moveable chord forms, or how I learned to be my own chord dictionary
      7m 49s
    • Using moveable chords, left-hand mute strokes, reggae, and soul
      1m 44s
  • 8. Taking It Home: Island Style
    • "Aloha ′Oe"
      2m 9s
    • New strums
      1m 55s
    • Hula for Ho′opi′i
      1m 39s
  • 9. Ukulele Blues
    • The 12-bar blues
    • The blues shuffle rhythm
      2m 3s
    • The minor pentatonic scale
      3m 16s
    • Transposition
      4m 15s
    • Transposing the blues and the minor pentatonic scale
      2m 26s
    • Blues in a Minor Key
      3m 2s
  • 10. Introduction to Fingerstyle
    • The right-hand position
      1m 8s
    • Arpeggio pattern t, i, m, a
    • Middle and ring fingers together
    • Fingerpicking in 3/4
    • Alternating thumb pattern t, i, t, m
      2m 6s
  • Conclusion
    • Conclusion
    • End credits
      1m 51s
  • Bonus Movies
    • Daniel Ho’s ukuleles
      15m 28s
    • *Bicycle Holiday* performance
      3m 9s
    • *Living in Paradise* performance
      4m 42s