Deke's Techniques

with Deke McClelland
Deke's Techniques

This course is a collection of short Photoshop and Illustrator projects and creative effects that can be completed in ten minutes or less. The series is taught by computer graphics guru Deke McClelland, and presented in his signature step-by-step style. The intent is to reveal how various Photoshop and Illustrator features can be combined and leveraged in real-world examples so that they can be applied to creative projects right away.


  • New This Week
    • 576 Creating a two-way portrait in Photoshop CC New
      12m 51s
  • 2016 Techniques
    • 486 Creating high-resolution ice type in Photoshop
      10m 19s
    • 487 Editing type inside a nested smart object
      3m 29s
    • 488 Introducing PixelSquid: 3D for 2D designers
      10m 19s
    • 489 Creating your own Jurassic Park in Photoshop
      12m 41s
    • 490 Lighting up a dinosaur’s eyes and teeth
      14m 11s
    • 491 Combining Field Blur with a depth mask
      6m 3s
    • 492 Helping your dinosaur escape to the big city
      11m 8s
    • 493 War of the Worlds: The sun attacks!
      9m 20s
    • 494 Weaving tendrils of lightning into a cloud
      8m 26s
    • 495 Turning off Live Rectangle widgets in Illustrator CC
      7m 23s
    • 496 More Live Shapes: ellipses and polygons
      7m 15s
    • 497 Turning off the new CC Start screen
      5m 33s
    • 498 Correcting shadows with Dehaze
      6m 35s
    • 499 Creating an infrared/snow effect in Photoshop
      6m 25s
    • 500 Creating a custom angry emoji in Illustrator
      13m 58s
    • 501 Adjusting your emoji to match Apple’s style
      17m 40s
    • 502 Exporting your emoji as a device-compatible PNG file
      7m 26s
    • 503 Elongating a snake in Photoshop
      11m 8s
    • 504 Blackening an animal to create a silhouette
      3m 59s
    • 505 Two ways to select a silhouette in Photoshop
      5m 18s
    • 506 Moving and scaling a selection outline
      6m 15s
    • 507 Auto-tracing a masterpiece in Illustrator
      9m 3s
    • 508 Drawing a dynamic atom symbol in Illustrator
      9m 10s
    • 509 Rotating your atom with electrons intact
      6m 3s
    • 510 Applying Knockout Group to a dynamic path
      6m 35s
    • 511 Solving the world’s problems with Illustrator’s Rasterize effect
    • 512 Blending multiple shots to better frame a photo
      12m 46s
    • 513 Rebuilding an octopus’s garden
      12m 10s
    • 514 Turning a logo into a star in Illustrator
      13m 45s
    • 515 Dressing up your logo star
      10m 17s
    • 516 Using chromatic-style fonts in Illustrator
      8m 31s
    • 517 Using chromatic-style fonts in Photoshop
      7m 36s
    • 518 Casting 3D font shadows in Illustrator
      10m 44s
    • 519 Creating a pattern in Adobe Capture
      9m 58s
    • 520 Bringing Capture patterns into Photoshop
      6m 23s
    • 521 Creating an authentic Möbius strip in Illustrator
      11m 14s
    • 522 Coloring the Möbius strip with Live Paint
      11m 8s
    • 523 Shading your authentic Möbius strip with gradients
      15m 22s
    • 524 Masking a Tilt-Shift landscape in Photoshop
      10m 27s
    • 525 Combining Multiple Group Photos
      15m 33s
    • 526 Introducing Adobe Photoshop Sketch
      12m 47s
    • 527 More fun with Adobe Sketch
      13m 7s
    • 528 Tracing a photograph in Adobe Sketch
      10m 4s
    • 529 Tracing facial features with the Ink Pen
      14m 46s
    • 530 Painting with the Blend and Combine modes
      18m 21s
    • 531 Lips, eyes, and specular highlights
      16m 10s
    • 532 Painting hair with Pencil and Marker Brush
      8m 28s
    • 533 Blending a photo with your Sketch art
      9m 34s
    • 534 Tweening a layer’s position and opacity
      17m 28s
    • 535 Tweening new layers across existing frames
    • 536 Turning the world upside-down in Photoshop
      10m 39s
    • 537 Zooming thru the universe with Photoshop
      10m 13s
    • 538 Turning a panorama into a tiny planet
      13m 43s
    • 539 Adding depth and shading to your tiny planet
      8m 41s
    • 540 Rendering a person in chrome
      7m 52s
    • 541 Creating a fiery blast in Photoshop
      7m 53s
    • 542 Rendering a person in liquid metal
      9m 45s
    • 543 Creating a better screen shot
      9m 9s
    • 544 Recording a screen shot action
      6m 53s
    • 545 Drawing a bacterium with Gradient Mesh
      11m 53s
    • 546 Drawing randomly waving pili (or hairs)
      4m 35s
    • 547 How Bézier curves really truly work
      8m 47s
    • 548 Drawing Bézier time and tangent lines
      12m 48s
    • 549 Drawing a complex network of lattice lines
      14m 18s
    • 550 How many dots can you see at once?
      15m 31s
    • 551 Creating a scintillating grid in Illustrator
      5m 48s
    • 552 The two-thirds rule of Bézier curves
      9m 17s
    • 553 Creating a classic neon sign in Illustrator
      6m 11s
    • 554 Adding real-world neon light fluctuations
      6m 32s
    • 555 Connecting neon letters with dark blockouts
      9m 20s
    • 556 Creating photorealistic neon in Photoshop
      8m 49s
    • 557 Photoshop CC’s top-secret banana tool
      6m 27s
    • 558 Toast and transient witticisms (Easter eggs)
      6m 1s
    • 559 Creating a hovering head in Photoshop
      15m 44s
    • 560 Connecting head and neck with a grisly spine
      11m 18s
    • 561 Projecting simple shapes into 3D perspective
      18m 12s
    • 562 Creating an American flag in Photoshop
      14m 1s
    • 563 Creating a field of 50 evenly spaced stars
      7m 32s
    • 564 Designing an M.C. Escher-like tessellation
      15m 20s
    • 565 Completing your Escher-inspired creature
      9m 59s
    • 566 Making an M.C. Escher-inspired hex pattern
      6m 7s
    • 567 Designing matching pattern variations
      9m 47s
    • 568 Creating a Doctor Strange–like mirror world
      14m 32s
    • 569 Replacing one mirror world with others
      7m 31s
    • 570 Creating wildly purple supervillain eyes
    • 571 Adding ominous crystallized skin texture
      10m 57s
    • 572 Creating embroidered type in Photoshop
      14m 19s
    • 573 Stitching the letters in a script font
      6m 6s
    • 574 Cheerful holiday trees in Photoshop CC
      8m 16s
    • 575 Lighting your holiday trees in Photoshop CC
      10m 8s
  • 2015 Techniques
    • 377 Two ways to create center guides in Photoshop
      4m 28s
    • 378 A new way to create center guides in Photoshop CC
      4m 21s
    • 379 Two ways to create center guides in Illustrator
      3m 25s
    • 380 Clearing the list of recently used fonts in InDesign
      6m 40s
    • 381 Two ways to search fonts in InDesign CC
      4m 31s
    • 382 Drawing flowering vectors in Illustrator
      18m 15s
    • 383 Stroking the petals to create a lattice effect
      16m 45s
    • 384 Creating a flowering origami effect
      8m 47s
    • 385 Painting shapes with transitional gradients
      15m 54s
    • 386 Correcting the brightness and banding of a printed image
      18m 7s
    • 387 Further reducing banding with a gradient layer
      11m 43s
    • 388 Smoothing away noise with the Mean stack mode
      8m 8s
    • 389 Developing a sweetly romantic tropical island
      9m 28s
    • 390 Creating a Caribbean blue sea with Photo Filter
      5m 10s
    • 391 Creating letters chiseled into stone
      8m 15s
    • 392 Adding a chiseled border
      6m 29s
    • 393 Assembling MRI slices into a 3D volume
      9m 24s
    • 394 Assigning multiple strokes to gradient type in Illustrator
      10m 30s
    • 395 Filling in the gaps between stroked letters
      6m 2s
    • 396 Fragmenting a photo through ribbed glass
      9m 46s
    • 397 Applying a displacement map with the Glass filter
      8m 40s
    • 398 Infusing an image with vivid nightclub colors
      6m 59s
    • 399 Adding MDNA-inspired bands of color
      9m 38s
    • 400 Patching badly displaced edges
      4m 46s
    • 401 Styling type with a pattern of vertical lines
      12m 59s
    • 402 Reshaping letterforms to match the intervals of a pattern
      11m 34s
    • 403 Swapping one image for another with smart objects
      7m 57s
    • 404 Forging a million-dollar stamp in Photoshop
      20m 59s
    • 405 Masking graphic frames and natural edges
      12m 16s
    • 406 Matching a real-world paper texture
      12m 16s
    • 407 Casting multiple drop shadows in Photoshop
      6m 55s
    • 408 Developing an awesome angelfish in Camera Raw
      9m 32s
    • 409 Tweaking a fish photo to perfection
      5m 32s
    • 410 Assigning spot colors to a logo in Photoshop
      14m 19s
    • 411 Blending spot colors inside a logo
      9m 23s
    • 412 Exporting spot-color separations from Photoshop
      8m 3s
    • 413 Exporting spot-color separations from Illustrator
      9m 25s
    • 414 The latest and greatest 2015 Facebook image specifications
      8m 58s
    • 415 Creating the perfect Facebook cover photo 2015
      13m 38s
    • 416 Extending your profile picture into your Facebook cover photo
      12m 2s
    • 417 Preparing images for your Facebook timeline
      9m 42s
    • 418 Converting all corner points in a drawing to smooth points
      7m 14s
    • 419 Adding field blurs to a vector-based illustration
      11m 39s
    • 420 Great uses for Color and Gradient Overlay
      7m 39s
    • 421 Easter Island
      7m 19s
    • 422 Creating a string of pearls in Illustrator
    • 423 Drawing a letter to match a dingbat font
      12m 14s
    • 424 Assembling an interior, vertical panorama
      10m 34s
    • 425 Developing a dark and stormy photo in Photoshop
      10m 26s
    • 426 Developing a dark and stormy photo in Lightroom
      11m 20s
    • 427 Sharpening your dark and stormy photo for print
      8m 45s
    • 428 Auto-blending multiple depths of field
      8m 16s
    • 429 Assigning multiple strokes in Photoshop CC 2015
      6m 8s
    • 430 Combining multiple drop shadows to create faux-3D type
      4m 51s
    • 431 Combining multiple Color and Gradient Overlay effects
    • 432 Removing unwanted perspective from a photo
      15m 6s
    • 433 Correcting the perspective of a single image element
      8m 57s
    • 434 Extracting an unmodified photo from a Smart Object
      3m 31s
    • 435 Extracting a raw photo from a Smart Object
      4m 26s
    • 436 Orthogonal pattern 1: The boxed towers
      17m 28s
    • 437 Repeating a tile pattern Brick by Row
      6m 51s
    • 438 Refining the color scheme of your tile pattern
      10m 15s
    • 439 Orthogonal pattern 2: Which way is up?
      14m 17s
    • 440 Upping the number of colors in a dynamic pattern
      11m 42s
    • 441 Achieving real pointillism with the Pointillize filter
      8m 23s
    • 442 Adding Emboss to give your painting depth
      1m 48s
    • 443 Blending multiple motion photos
      13m 44s
    • 444 Creating a wildly colorful High Pass effect
      7m 1s
    • 445 Correct in Lab and leave a smooth histogram
      9m 21s
    • 446 Combining the best of Lab and Camera Raw
      9m 20s
    • 447 Wrapping a gradient around a circle in Illustrator
      9m 50s
    • 448 Blending gradients with the Saturation blend mode
      4m 35s
    • 449 Using the Join tool in Illustrator CC
      5m 57s
    • 450 Using Illustrator’s Shape Builder tool
      7m 52s
    • 451 Wrapping text around a graphic in Illustrator
      8m 41s
    • 452 Curly quotes and the Smart Punctuation command
      5m 44s
    • 453 Creating the perfect smartphone home/lock screen
      14m 12s
    • 454 Creating a smartphone graphic in Photoshop
      16m 33s
    • 455 Islamic design 1: Flirting with geometric genius
      17m 2s
    • 456 Islamic design 2: The eight eight-pointed stars
      12m 5s
    • 457 Islamic design 3: Connecting the pieces
      15m 32s
    • 458 Islamic design 4: Completing the corners
      5m 24s
    • 459 Islamic design 5: Coloring and sculpting
      12m 45s
    • 460 Islamic design 6: Photoshopping the pattern
      6m 44s
    • 461 Creating a bat-faced moon in Photoshop
      16m 7s