Find and Test Your Business Idea

with Dave Crenshaw
Find and Test Your Business Idea

The prospect of starting your own business from scratch can feel at once exhilarating and overwhelming. Before you launch a new business, it's critical that you validate and test your ideas to determine if they represent legitimate market needs. In this course, Dave Crenshaw helps you determine first which businesses are best suited to you as an entrepreneur, and then how to brainstorm ideas and identify which idea is a real opportunity. Lastly, he helps you create and execute a plan to test for validity before you start a business.
Topics include:
  • Developing a new business idea list
  • Separating ideas from opportunities
  • Evaluating demand
  • Assessing your resources
  • Predicting profit
  • Considering distribution
  • Determining proprietary advantage
  • Understanding the business validation microplan


  • Introduction
    • Welcome
    • What you should know before watching this course
    • Using the exercise files
  • 1. Matching the Idea to the Entrepreneur
    • Know yourself as the entrepreneur
      1m 58s
    • Be aware of needs
      2m 1s
    • Develop the new business idea list
      1m 39s
    • Narrow the list to your best ideas
      1m 42s
  • 2. Seperating Ideas from Opportunities
    • Understand the difference between idea and opportunity
      1m 44s
    • Evaluate demand
      1m 21s
    • Gauge your expertise
      1m 44s
    • Assess your resources
      2m 23s
    • Predict profit
      2m 50s
    • Consider distribution
      1m 43s
    • Determine proprietary advantage
      2m 35s
    • Finalize your single best business idea
      2m 19s
  • 3. Creating the Micro Plan
    • Understand the business validation micro plan
      1m 44s
    • Focus the business test
      2m 16s
  • 4. Executing the Micro Plan
    • Craft a few summary statements
      1m 54s
    • Determine the best testing option
      1m 28s
    • Test 1: Interview or survey
      2m 21s
    • Test 2: Online ad
      1m 55s
    • Test 3: Micro pay-per-click
      1m 58s
    • Evaluate your results
      1m 53s
  • Conclusion
    • Next steps
      1m 11s