Learning InCopy

with Chad Chelius
Learning InCopy

Designers often receive textual content from users created in programs such as Microsoft Word and then place that content into an InDesign layout that only the designer can access. InCopy provides a two-way street where editors and writers can edit content in InCopy while a designer simultaneously works on the design portion of the project in InDesign, and the text formatting is retained in both programs. In this course, learn how to create and import content using InCopy, style text correctly so that it transfers to the InDesign layout, and make content available to writers and editors from within InDesign. Author Chad Chelius also ensures that you get a handle on checking out stories, working with tables, using Track Changes, modifying graphics, as well as creating templates.
Topics include:
  • Customizing the Galley and Story views
  • Navigating a document
  • Saving a workspace
  • Creating a story in Adobe InDesign
  • Creating a story in Adobe InCopy
  • Formatting text and using styles
  • Transitioning content from Microsoft Word into InCopy
  • Moving content from InDesign to InCopy
  • Creating and editing tables
  • Using Track Changes
  • Creating text macros
  • Working with graphics in InCopy
  • Exporting to PDF


  • Introduction
    • Welcome
      1m 8s
    • What is Adobe InCopy?
      1m 27s
    • Approaches to using InCopy
      2m 2s
    • Workflow requirements
      3m 19s
    • How to use the exercise files
      2m 13s
  • 1. Get Familiar with InCopy
    • Specify the username
      2m 52s
    • Different InCopy views
      3m 50s
    • Customize the Galley and Story views
      5m 31s
    • The InCopy interface
      3m 57s
    • Panels in InCopy
      5m 47s
    • Save a workspace
      5m 7s
    • Navigate a document
      4m 30s
  • 2. Initiate Your Workflow
    • What is a story?
      4m 36s
    • Create a story
      3m 34s
    • Create a story in Adobe InDesign
      6m 16s
    • InCopy templates
      6m 55s
    • Format text and use styles
      7m 55s
    • Flow content from Microsoft Word to InCopy
      8m 46s
    • Set preferences and defaults
      4m 21s
  • 3. Work within the InDesign/InCopy Workflow
    • Check-in/check-out process
      6m 34s
    • Layout-based workflow
      6m 8s
    • Assignment-based workflow
      9m 8s
    • Remote workflow
      7m 13s
    • Updating documents
      6m 24s
  • 4. Work within InCopy
    • Create and edit tables
      7m 27s
    • Use Copyfit Progress
      5m 22s
    • Use Track Changes
      6m 6s
    • Collaborate using Notes
      5m 42s
    • Check spelling and dynamic spelling
      6m 17s
    • Autocorrect in InCopy
      5m 36s
    • Create a text Macro
      5m 21s
    • Insert special characters
      7m 14s
    • Work with graphics in InCopy
      5m 20s
  • 5. Export and Print
    • Export to PDF
      5m 52s
    • Print options in InCopy
      4m 14s
  • Conclusion
    • Next steps and resources
      1m 14s