Office 365: Manage Cloud Identities

with Brian Culp
Office 365: Manage Cloud Identities

Learn how to manage users, groups, and passwords in Office 365. This course fits into our extensive coverage of Office 365 administration and covers the objectives from the corresponding domain of the Office 365 exam 70-346, Managing Office 365 Identities and Requirements. Brian Culp shows how to configure password management, manage users and security groups, and use PowerShell to manage identities from the command line. This course is ideal for any network administrator working with Office 365 and will serve as a valuable prep course for administrators wishing to learn the skills necessary to prepare for the exam.
Topics include:
  • Configuring password management
  • Defining password complexity and resetting options
  • Importing users
  • Administering groups
  • Configuring multifactor authentication
  • Managing cloud identities with PowerShell
  • Bulk user management


  • Introduction
    • Welcome
    • What you should know about Office 365
      7m 2s
  • 1. Configure Password Management
    • Cloud identities overview
      3m 17s
    • Set up a password expiration policy
      3m 20s
    • Define password complexity rules
      4m 16s
    • Password reset with the Admin Center
      4m 20s
    • Enable self service password reset
      4m 32s
  • 2. Manage User and Security Groups
    • Understand Office 365 Groups
      3m 27s
    • Import users using bulk import
      4m 24s
    • Perform a soft delete of a user or group
      5m 57s
    • Group administration in the admin center
      5m 9s
    • Configure multi-factor authentication
      6m 37s
  • 3. Manage Cloud Identities Using PowerShell
    • Overview of PowerShell for Office 365
      7m 15s
    • Configure passwords to never expire
      4m 48s
    • Bulk update user properties
      2m 43s
    • Bulk user creation
      5m 11s
    • Azure Active Directory cmdlets
      4m 46s
    • Bulk license management
      4m 33s
    • Hard delete a user account
      4m 1s
  • Conclusion
    • Next steps
      1m 4s