Social Network Analysis Using R

with Curt Frye
Social Network Analysis Using R

Social Network Analysis Using R teaches analysts how to visualize and analyze data from a social network like Twitter or Facebook with the text-based statistical language, R. If you're involved in analytics in any capacity, this course will be a huge help, teaching you how the R sna and igraph modules works and how to format data for analysis, create graphs, analyze network graphs, and visualize networks. Join instructor Curt Frye and learn how to examine the relationships and trends among networks in new and exciting ways, and discover information about how individuals in an organization interact.
Topics include:
  • Formatting data
  • Creating network graphs
  • Measuring connectedness and betweenness of points
  • Calculating networking density
  • Describing network components
  • Visualizing a network
  • Writing a network description to a text file


  • Introduction
    • Welcome
    • What you should know before watching this course
      2m 3s
    • Using the exercise files
  • 1. Creating Network Graphs
    • Download and install sna and igraph
      3m 24s
    • Format data for social network analysis
      2m 53s
    • Create a graph from existing data
      4m 43s
    • Create sample graphs
      9m 18s
  • 2. Analyzing Network Graphs
    • Measure connectedness of points
      3m 31s
    • Measure betweenness of points
      4m 16s
    • Calculate network density
      7m 34s
    • Identify cliques in a graph
      6m 10s
    • Find components of a graph
      3m 56s
    • Take a random walk on a graph
      4m 40s
  • 3. Visualizing a Network
    • Visualize a network
      1m 38s
    • Change edge and vertex colors
      4m 8s
    • Write out a graph
      5m 43s
  • Conclusion
    • Next steps
      1m 32s