Typescript for C# Programmers

with Jesse Liberty
Typescript for C# Programmers

TypeScript brings object-oriented programming to JavaScript, giving developers a scalable, feature-rich language that compiles into super clean code. While TypeScript is traditionally taught from the perspective of JavaScript, C# is a great entry point, since it features some of the same constructs, abstractions, and syntax. Combining your existing C# skills with TypeScript's cross-platform capabilities means the programming possibilities are almost endless. In this course, Jesse Liberty reviews the fundamentals of TypeScript for the C# developer, including the built-in types, flow controls, and functions. He covers default, optional, and rest parameters; lambda functions; object literals; and the creation and use of custom classes. Plus, learn about other object-oriented features such as inheritance and interfaces. By the end of the course, C# developers should be well on their way to incorporating this flexible and powerful web programming language into their app development workflow.
Topics include:
  • Setting up a TypeScript development environment
  • Working with types and variables
  • Using operators to control flow
  • Working with parameters and functions
  • Creating classes and objects
  • Exploring TypeScript inheritance
  • Working with interfaces


  • Introduction
    • Welcome
      1m 20s
    • What you should know
    • How to use the exercise files
  • 1. Getting Started
    • Get acquainted with TypeScript
      2m 17s
    • Setup
      4m 17s
    • Hello World
      2m 28s
  • 2. TypeScript and Types
    • TypeScript types
      4m 36s
    • TypeScript types, part 2
      6m 2s
    • Arithmetic operators
    • Flow control
      1m 6s
  • 3. Functions
    • Optional parameters
      3m 58s
    • Default parameters
      2m 50s
    • Rest parameters
      3m 35s
    • Function overloading and hoisting
      5m 13s
    • Arrow functions
      4m 49s
  • 4. Object-Oriented TypeScript
    • Object literals
    • Classes
      5m 6s
    • Class constructor
      3m 58s
    • Inheritance
      6m 18s
    • Interfaces
      6m 22s
  • Conclusion
    • Next steps